Osaka, Japan

Osaka-fu, Suita-shi Tarumi Cho,
3 Chome 24-12
Elegant Business Esaka 501-502
Postal Code 564-0062

号エレガントビジネス江坂 501-502
号〒 564-0062


How to get there

Follow the blue dotted line direction  from Esaka Station


Directions from Esaka Station (Midosuji Line) in Pictures

to COOS Osaka

1. Exit 1 of Esaka Station.

Please exit at Exit 1 of Esaka Station.

2. Down them stairs

Walk down the flight of stairs and turn right.

3. Walk straight

Then, please walk straight in this direction.

4. Pass by Daiei supermarket.

You will pass by Daiei supermarket.

5. Turn left

Turn left at the junction (where the Daiei carpark is located).

6. Walk straight

6. Walk straight for a few metres.

7. Turn right

Then, please turn right at this junction.

8. Walk straight

Please walk straight ahead.

9. You have reached the building

You have reached the building. Take the lift to the 5th floor.

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